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Seattle Rain
Seattle Rain

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WHUD A JOKE !!! Empty
PostSubject: WHUD A JOKE !!!   WHUD A JOKE !!! EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 11:40 pm

hey and Red I think the only ting thats empty is the other half of your brain that dosent know how to cheat.And hey You kickd me out of Hat trick You quit my league and U changed your name for a min to try and make me look like an ass.....so honestly I dont really have time to deal w/ a little punk like urself.....you wasted my time...and yeah Im piss'd off! so ...Do what you need to do and don't ask or worry bout me cool,Everyone in the league showed up today and it was a great day.....Early guys even played Late night guys It was GR* so dont spoil it


and the Caps suk too BTW
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[21:22:09] [AllNightmareLong -]
i wasnt tryin to make you look like an ass, but i was pissed you quit.. and are you trying to say i cheat?
[21:22:15] [AllNightmareLong -]
and BTW the Caps still rock
[21:22:32] [AllNightmareLong -]
think of it this way, they can only get better
[21:23:26] [AllNightmareLong -]
when you're ready to take the tampon out talk to me, maybe you have gotten a little better by now

ur mad cuz ur obviously a mean drunk...it was the 4th of july and u made urself look like a little kid Cro was there and was beside him self so be the cool guy you are play any one1 can Im a bit busy to keep on on doing this with you....Ok I suk if thats wat you want to hear then fine ur the master so move on would ya

[21:46:00] [AllNightmareLong -]
i wasnt mad cuz i was drunk, mad cuz you quit... andddd i act like a kid???? by sending a pic like the one you did was acting like a kid and some of your antics have been childlike on here. you are probably drunk right now just talkin shit. i quit the league because of my job and i wasnt having much fun, wasnt about you at all.
[21:46:50] [AllNightmareLong -]
and i never said you suck, just said you needed to pass more

so i quit a gay ass game on the 4th at 3 in the morning and u quit my league u kick me from hat trick and you change ur name ......Like I said b4 So Juvenile
im done man

[21:50:46] [AllNightmareLong -]
i only changed my name for a joke, you took it the wrong way.. and hattrick is dead nobody is on there.. and i didnt tell you, you had to respond to me everytime, i know you are busy with your league... and even some of your own league members say you act like a girl sometimes, go ask em. hahaha now be done

ok NP

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