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 Funny Kids... Funny Shit....

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PostSubject: Funny Kids... Funny Shit....   Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:43 am

I beat this guy 7-2.... look what he says:

[10:37:47] >>HIM i didnt press the sprint button Smile
[10:38:14] <<ME why not?
[10:39:04] >>HIM you were too slow for me
[10:39:07] >>HIM Smile
[10:39:17] <<ME uuuuh ya..... right. I whopped your ass
[10:39:28] <<ME it was like you weren't even trying
[10:39:40] <<ME 7-2!!!!!
[10:40:01] >>HIM i wasnt motivated with the f... word (I swore at him earlier because we were going to play but then he wasn't choosing his team, and it took forever)
[10:40:21] <<ME yes I'm sure..... somebody swears at you, and then you willingly lose to him.
[10:40:24] <<ME that makes sense.
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Funny Kids... Funny Shit....
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